Sunday, February 1, 2015

Her name is Summer.

This is a stamped image that I made this morning, it took me about 2 hours to complete.  The stamp is from Prima Marketing Bloom Cling Rubber Stamps, 8-Inch by 6-Inch, Summer .  

Her name is Summer.  

I finally had time to dust off my Copic Markers 36-Piece Sketch Basic Set .  I own only 48 markers now, at least that's what the Copics Collections App on my phone says.  At any rate being a newbie to Copics I'm learning how to blend, highlight and contrast mostly from watching You-Tube videos.  Although I did attend one Copics class at one of the Scrapbooking Shops in the area. 

I clearly need to work on my technique.  For instance, the blending is a bit rough and has some streaking. But, I really like the way the hair came out.  It looks very much like my natural curly kinky hair, so with that part I am pleased!

Next time I'll be sure to log which marker I used so I can share that info with you.

Do you use markers? What do you find most challenging?  Please share your techniques and ideas in the comment section.

Thank you and Happy Crafting :)

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